Slowly progressing

In the “before times” (before having a heart attack, before spending 6 months recovering from it) I measured my life by different yardsticks than I use now. A good day’s work involved communicating with clients and development teams across the continent and sometimes around the globe. A productive day included creative coding that resulted in web pages that used leading edge technologies and worked consistently and reliably across a wide span of browsers and operating systems. My work was generally viewed by hundreds, if not thousands of people, each and every day.
Nowadays, and for about the past six months, my scope has been much more limited. I’ve reached a point where I work a 4-day week, each session lasts only 2-3 hours, and I’m generally exhausted by the time I return home from the hospital. A good day’s work involves being able to bend my shoulders another 5 degrees further than the last time my progress was measured or having my memory skill rating upgraded from the level of an 8-year-old after repeating tests originally conducted 4 months earlier. My work is viewed by one therapist and reports of my progress might be reviewed by a team of five when they find the time.
These changes can be discouraging, but I keep on keeping on with the firm conviction that I WILL recover from this setback and I AM regaining my faculties and I WILL once again do what I so love to do with my days. And through it all, through the worst that has happened and the best that is yet to come, I have been blessed with the love and caring support of the most remarkable woman it has been my great good fortune to know and love.