Some Housekeeping

No big deal, but I had been “maintaining” (and I use the word very loosely) a WordPress blog at Just a few entries, from shortly after leaving the hospital, but of nostalgic importance to me if only because they demonstrated my burning desire to “get past” my brain damage.
In hindsight, that was an unrealistic ambition, symptomatic of my lack of insight into the fundamental nature of the damage I had incurred. The simple process of integrating my disparate reflections from past and present gives me some hope that this is indeed a process worth pursuing. I have spent my life, as I remember it, pursuing goals with attached deadlines and reasonably clear paths.
What I am learning now, reluctantly, is to accept each day as it comes, with joy and hope, without forcing my expectations upon the day.
So I’ve imported those entries from there to here, and will probably eliminate the originals in a few days. Like I said, no big deal.