Blast From The Past

Today was the culmination of about a week of waiting. And worth every minute 🙂

Bob Wakulich and his cool wife Gail came for a visit. The details of exactly when I last saw Bob are shrouded, like so much else, in the mists of “the before times”, but there’s no doubt he’s been one of the more formative influences in my life, dating back to before I can properly remember any more.

Well, let’s see if I can narrow that down… 221 Bathurst Street, on the SE corner of Carr Street, across from the abandoned Parisian Laundry (now a set of townhouses, probably condo) and the pathetic Oak Leaf Steam Baths. I was a student at SEED School (Shared Experience Exploration Discovery) and all of life was waiting for me to dive in.

Ted was the principal renter in that house. If I recall correctly, he was from ‘down east’ somewhere. I think he had something to do with the John Howard Society? And then there was Val, a girl barely older than me about whom I can recall only that she was hot to trot for Peter Kent, a CBC TV news anchor.